15 Reasons to Date a Neurologist

15 Reasons to Date a Neurologist

If that precious complete stranger at your pal’s housewarming celebration tells you he is a neurologist, you should not write him off as “too smart” or “also hectic” for really love. (truly, will there be anything as “too wise”? Minds are beautiful.) Allow the guy chances.

Here are 15 reasons to date a neurologist:

1. Neurologists are “brainy.” Wise is hot. So are puns.

2. Unlike that point you dated a stand-up comedian, your own time’s profession will wow both friends and family and your parents.

3. Fed up with internet dating deadbeats whom can’t shell out their own method? Neurologists make a good living, and most have actually task safety.

4. Neurologists are doing what they love. Required many education — generally a four-year undergrad, four-year healthcare level, and three-year residency — to be a neurologist. Therefore just will be your big date super-smart and determined, she or he is probably employed in the field purposely.

5. Neurologists are ambitious. See number 4.

6. Even though the work can be demanding, changes are typically more reasonable than many other doctors’.

7. Even though several hours do get crazy, take into account that your own big date will have up to six-weeks of getaway time.

8. Think the statistics: in accordance with a MedScape life Report, neurologists are the the very least most likely of all physicians to obtain divorced.

9. Neurologists are performing vital, difficult and satisfying work. They may be pleased with the things they’re doing.

10. Your own time are designed for existence’s tough stuff. Neurologists are often coping with challenging things and splitting unfortunate news with their patients.

11. Neurologists spend their particular days wanting to assist men and women, ideally alleviating pain and curing neurologic disorders.

12. Want someone with the “bedside manner”? Your time is probable able to connect challenging things demonstrably and tragic situations compassionately.

13. Neurologists are interesting, continuously involved with analysis. They wish to discover how circumstances work.

14. Like to learn how the human brain works? Only ask. Associated: your date will be empathetic any time you cancel considering a migraine.

15. Neurologists are great problem-solvers. Unanswered questions are difficult, not a stumbling block.

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